What is Helichrysum Oil?

Helichrysum oil is an extract of the strawflower specie that belongs to the helichrysum plant. This is an essential oil used in therapeutic processes to boost natural healing and health.

Helichrysum oil is an exclusive botanic substance that has strong curative components. This essential oil can be used to relieve lung disorders like asthma, the oil can also be used when patients experience swelling as a result of irritations. For those who experience frequent migraines, then they can use helichrysum oil to alleviate the pains.

Steam Distillation

These helichrysum plant species are home grown in France, Spain and Italy although they originally came from the North African regions along the Mediterranean coast. Extracting helichrysum oil is easy through a process called steam distillation. Steam treatment helps in breaking down the botanic substance making it easy to extract this essential oil. The steam is then cooled so that the essential oil can be filtered from the water; the oil is then packaged ready for use.

Helichrysum Curative Properties

The helichrysum oil is superior in the sense that it does not have any side effects. The oil can be used by people of all ages including small children, as a matter of fact it is recommended for children who experience frequent headaches and inflammation. It is also good for those who have sensitive or delicate skin. Helichrysum oil is also used as a natural remedy for treating depression. Due to its soothing effects it enhances the mood and stabilizes emotions which is important when treating depression. This fundamental capability makes this essential oil ideal since it does not have side effects that cause allergies, dependency or toxicity.

Athletes also prefer using the helichrysum oil since it is an effective remedy for treating soreness related to backbreaking exercises especially in the body building industry. Helichrysum oil is also easy to administer, a simple massage on the skin does the trick since the skin quickly absorbs active botanic substance into the blood stream. However it can also be administered through inhalation, vaporized fumes help alleviate respiratory ailments, hence the soothing and stabilizing effects.

This essential oil from the helichrysum plant is however costly since it becomes effective when used as a natural compound without mixing with other essential oils. The oil can be found on various health stores or on the net, remember to used reliable suppliers so that you can experience the full potential and curative purpose of this essential oil from the helichrysum plant. It is also recommended to consult medical experts for better results.

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